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Forest Facts
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At Brookville Wood Products this claim means more than buying a new machine. BWP' is constantly implementing better ideas, new discoveries, and more comprehensive environmental and safety policies. We are committed to each of these areas of our industry, building on our reputation of progress. We are committed to bringing you, our customer, the absolute best hardwood product and value.

Many companies only consider the current market and quick profits to be made today. Brookville Wood Products has today and tomorrow in mind. We do this by taking good care of the hardwood forests - private landowners' and our own holdings - so there will be productive hardwood resources for generations to come. As a strong supporter of Pennsylvania's Sustainable Forestry Initiative, we strive to go well beyond the standards of other companies when harvesting hardwood timber.


Brookville Wood Products, Inc.:

  • considers your present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to use the Hardwood forest for products or ecological purpose.
  • practices environmental and economical responsibility to improve your Hardwood forest's long-term health and productivity.
  • protects the special biological, geological, and historical significance of your Hardwood forest by careful management.

Because of these important convictions, Brookville Wood Products, Inc. has developed a strong relationship with hardwood forest landowners throughout the region. This ensures our customers of continual hardwood timber supplies to meet your demands.

Many of Brookville Wood Products employees are from families that have been in the hardwood timber industry for generations. We strive to do our utmost for our customers everyday and value the trust and respect we have earned from them. Brookville Wood Products, Inc. is indeed striving for a successful today and a successful tomorrow.


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